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Front paws instead of hooves. Can have claws.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Multiple Limbs Potion Detached Limbs Skeletal Replacement
  • Must be based off: feline, canine/canid, bear - relative width is up to you (within reason)
  • Can be clawed or not clawed
  • Can have or not have paw pads
  • Each limb should be of the same type
  • Can be combined with Elemental, Mutliple Eyes, Multiple Limbs, Skeletal Replacement, Foliage Takeover, Semi-Transparent, and Accessories Potions
  • Cannot be stacked with itself (use Multiple Limbs Potion instead)
  • Cannot be of an unusual texture or aura without the Elemental Potion
  • Cannot be webbed/ finned/ insect-like/ tentacled/ etc. in shape
  • Cannot exceed or be smaller than the original limb size of the Stygian subspecies.
  • Cannot be detached without the (G) Detached Limbs potion
  • Cannot affect hind legs.
  • Cannot be applied to bipedal Stygian (Pages, Bats, Sylph, Grendel, Arachnid, etc), or to quadrupedal species with paws/claws already (Feline, Primordial Dragon, Owl, etc) as their front limbs are all unique species default traits that cannot be changed.