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Gives your Treatling ONE small animal companion (cannot be stacked, replaces existing animal familiar)
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Semi-Transparent Treatling Elemental Aura
Traits Cannot be Used With: Treatling Small Animal Buddy Treatling Large Animal Companion Treatling Multiple Famliars
  • Gives your Treatling one small animal companion.
  • Can be a fantasy or real animal or creature
  • Should look more like a sentient creature rather than an object (objects would go under "magic accessory")
  • Can be of any colour or texture and markings but have no aura of their own
  • The animal companion is considered "sentient", almost like a friend that has attached itself to your Treatling (though they are an extension of the Treatling itself). Because of this, they are optional in all ARPG art.
  • Can be combined with element or semi-transparent to make it have an elemental aura or semi-transparent
  • Can have a small collar or bow around the neck. These should always be small and unobtrusive collars/neck bows. In creatures with no neck, collars will be handled on a case by case basis. No other accessories or decorations are allowed for animal companions.
  • Cannot be holding, carrying, or wearing accessories (such as capes, saddles, barding, bandages, knives, bags, etc) other than the small collar stated above.
  • Cannot be stacked. Replaces an existing animal familiar
  • Cannot exceed more than 25% of your Treatling's height
  • Cannot block or obscure a Treatling or its traits in masterlist art.
  • Cannot be stacked with itself or with any other Treatling animal familiars.
  • Cannot look like an existing adoptables species/Treat/Daydream, or another Stygian/ Stygian design/copyright material.