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Witch/Wizard SUBSPECIES ONLY: Turns/replaces your existing animal familiar with a larger one
MAX SIZING: 100 % body size
Traits Cannot be Used With: Treatling Large Animal Companion Treatling Small Animal Buddy Treatling Multiple Familiars
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific potion.
Witch/Wizard SUBSPECIES ONLY: Turns/replaces your existing animal familiar with a larger one

Gives your Treatling a full sized animal companion.
  • Can be a fantasy or real animal or creature
  • Should look more like a sentient creature rather than an object (objects would go under "magic accessory")
  • Can be of any colour or texture and markings but have no aura of their own
  • The animal companion is considered "sentient", like a friend that has attached itself to your Treatling (though they are an extension of the Treatling itself). Because of this, they are optional in all ARPG art.
  • While Stygian can be seen leaning on, being propped up by, or resting on an animal companion, as they are familiars. They are, however, not mounts. Treatlings should not be riding them. Familiars are an extension of the Treatling themselves, after all.
  • Can be combined with element or semi-transparent to make it have an elemental aura or semi-transparent
  • Can have a small collar or bow around the neck. These should always be small and unobtrusive collars/neck bows. In creatures with no neck, collars will be handled on a case by case basis. No other accessories or decorations are allowed for animal companions.
  • Cannot be holding, carrying, or wearing accessories (such as capes, saddles, barding, bandages, knives, bags, etc) other than the small collar stated above.
  • Cannot be combined with itself and replaces all other small animal buddy/familiars.
  • Cannot exceed more than 100% of your Treatling's body size individually
  • Cannot block or obscure a Treatling or its traits in masterlist art.
  • Cannot look like an existing adoptables species/ Daydream or another Stygian/ Stygian design. Can use another premade non-closed species design with approval.