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Allows your Treatling to have multiple wings down its spine/back to the top of the tail.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Elemental Aura Treatling Multiple Eyes Treatling Semi-Transparent Treatling Foliage Takeover Treatling Fractured Body Treatling Glitch Body
Traits Cannot be Used With: Treatling Skeletal Replacement Treatling Wing Removal
  • Wings MUST be from back/spine to top of the tail (for head wings, please purchase head wings potion).
  • Wings MUST be the same type of wing as its Treatling form originally was (ie if it was fairy wings, multiple fairy wings, if feather multiple feather).
  • Follow the same rules as backwings in terms of trait addons (ie: can be stacked with element or multi-eyes to get an element or multi-eyed effect, etc).
  • Each wing MUST be the same size of wing as its Treatling form originally had (ie if 50% of body, can only have each wing be that).
  • Maximum 3 pairs of wings.
  • Cannot be sticking out of anywhere but from spine/back area.
  • Cannot be applied to Treatling types that do not have back wings (ie: Ranger or Islander).