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Gives some light foliage (plants, flowers) for your Treatling to accessorize with.
MAX SIZING: 25 % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Elemental Aura Treatling Multiple Eyes Treatling Glowing Markings Treatling Semi-Transparent
Traits Cannot be Used With: Treatling Foliage Takeover
  • Must be based off an existing flora and follow the same texture
  • Individual flora be any size/ does not have to adhere to the flora's original sizing
  • Can be scattered around the Treatling's head, body, and any limbs
  • Can be different flora types
  • Can be any colour or pattern design
  • Can be combined with Elemental, Multiple Eyes, and Semi-Transparent potions
  • Cannot mimic any other existing uncommon or rare trait
  • Cannot be stacked with itself or with Treatling Foliage Takeover.
  • Cannot be sentient or magical
  • Cannot exceed 25% of the Treatling's full body size.