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Owned By: nothingyet
Designed By: Zoomutt
Rarity: Legendary
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes

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Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Child of Enigma
Special TypeNull (Diver)
Special Traits:
Star! Glitch Inheritance: All Guardian Stygian created from this one may inherit the Glitch trait. This takes up a rare slot for inheritance.
Star! Stygian Inheritance: All Guardian/existing Stygian inheritance traits will be created from the [ Stygian Disguise Traits ]  list
Star! Double Labyrinth Shadowweaving: (MAX 5 WITH THIS INHERITANCE) - cannot be passed to alt-myos, Guardians that are not this Stygian that have this trait, or be rewinded (modified with new traits on top is fine) 
  • Instead of one labyrinth shadowweaving, a Guardian Stygian with inheritance blessings from this Stygian OR an EXISTING STYGIAN can have 2. If they already have one, you can add on a second
  • Double labyrinth shadowweaving allows the second to be a different colour. Both must still be solid one colour and semi-transparent. Both must be "coming from" to the Stygian in some way (ie along the feet, tail, or wings/ horns etc), like how a shadow originates from its owner
  • Eye colours can be different, can have one two, or multiple eyes
  • Should be an animal or creature shape for both
    • Can be two different creature shapes
    • Each cannot exceed 200% of the Stygian's body size 
  • Cannot cover the Stygian (ie traits not visible) 
  • Can stack with large animal companion /small animal/ multi familiars
  • Cannot stack with normal Labyrinth Shadowweaving
  • Adding this inheritance will give a Stygian the Labyrinth Shadowweaving cert 
Star!  Intern promotion (MAX 1 with this inheritane)
  • Pick an EXISTING Diver of any rarity, and upgrade their rarity to demi-god. This Diver is officially considered an "intern" of this character, working under them.
Star! Enigma Engineer: (Optional Lore, can choose to use this or not) The "Child of Enigma", while enjoying their disguise as a Stygian (in cat form), is actually a quite a clever engineer, their specialty being puzzles and simulations. They are able to craft Nightmare [ frameworks ] that emulate an almost realistic VR-like simulation or rather, "games" of different scenarios. Of course, they also quite enjoy adding a twist to their games, creating little puzzle and tidbits from it. Having personally seen and visited the Isle of Lost Toys themselves, they have a fondness for the residents there, creating virtual games based around the toys there. If each Isle of Lost Toys nightmare had a theme related to a game or toy, the Child of Enigma's theme would be [ Chess ]. Now, will you play a game with them?     

[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell ]
[This Legendary cannot be seperated from its Treat Companion. If rehomed, it must always be as a pair.]

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