T-1383: Liir‘fae Shyl‘xanthiir < The One Who Sees >
Owned By: CeriMond
Designed By: Eldritch-Aberrance
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: Page (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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+ Treatling
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ABOUT T-1383: Liir‘fae Shyl‘xanthiir

Nicknamed Shyl'fae by my tired brain.

Liir'fae is known to have some flings here and there, her most recent had her gotten involved with Wither, a companion of Blight. Fascinated by the emergence of the new legendary, Liir'fae has left Tretropolis to wander. Even after Wither had turned to a stabler relationship, Liir'fae still swings by now and then with gifts and stories.

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Character Sheet:

Liir‘fae Shyl‘xanthiir

Nightmare of:
The Vast Possiblities that Future Holds

The One Who Sees


Fortune-Teller, Oracle

Weaving, cards, mocha, libraries

strict order, tomatoes, getting knots in her tails