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Reveals a third eye between the regular eyes. All Stygian have a third eye, but it is usually hidden.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Glowing Eyes Coloured Sclera Multiple Eyes
Traits Cannot be Used With: Single Horn Third Eye Exposed
  • Must be on the Stygian's forehead. Must include all three eye parts, slcera, iris, and pupil.
  • Sclera, iris, and pupil can be any colour and different from Stygian's original eyes
  • Pupil can be any simple shape (ie heart, stars, cross, slitted)
  • Can be affected by glowing eyes trait, and the coloured sclera trait.
  • Cannot be stacked with Single Horn (it is one or the other)
  • Cannot be an unusual texture other than the what the Stygian's original eyes are.