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Gives your Stygian a single, unicorn-like horn extruding from their forehead, which replaces their hidden third-eye.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Antlers Paired Horns Antler/Horn Addons
Traits Cannot be Used With: Third Eye Exposed Single Horn
  • Must come from Stygian's forehead
  • Can be used with antlers OR paired horns potion
  • Should be based off a unicorn horn, but can be unusually curved and have any naturally occuring horn texture
  • Cannot be an unusual texture unless affected by elemental
  • Cannot be stacked with third eye potion (it's either one or the other)
  • Cannot be more than a single horn: It cannot stack with itself, nor can it be split or bent to 'end' in more that one point.
  • Horn size cannot exceed more than 50% of the body height (from forehead to leg)