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Gives your Stygian multiple pairs of wings (MAX 16 wings/8 pairs).
MAX SIZING: 200 % body size
Traits Stackable: Supersize Elemental
Traits Cannot be Used With: Back Wings
  • Wings MUST be on the back, from the base of the neck onto the tail along the spine (for ear wings, please purchase ear wings potion).
  • Wings CAN be different type of wings (ie one wing is bat one wing is bird).
  • Follow the same rules as back wings in terms of trait addons (ie: can be stacked with element or multi-eyes to get an element or multi-eyed effect, etc).
  • Each wing has the same size restriction as regular Back Wings: Individually, wings cannot exceed more than 150% of your Stygian's body size (head to foot, not including tail) for bipedal Stygian, and not more than 200% of your Stygian's body size (torso length, not including head and tail) for quadrupedal Stygian.
  • Cannot be sticking out of anywhere but from spine/back/tail area.
  • Cannot exceed more than 16 wings (8 pairs of wings).
  • Canot be stacked with the "rare back wings trait" (instead, replaces back wings)