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Gives your Stygian the tentacles trait. This adds tentacles to anywhere along their back, from the base of the neck to the base of tail.
MAX SIZING: 150 % body size
Traits Stackable: Elemental Aura Skeletal Replacement
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Supersize
Traits Cannot be Used With: Back Wings Multiple Wings
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Stygian or MYO without owning this specific potion. This includes semi-customs, MYO Tokens, Guardian MYOS, Alt MYOS, rebases, so on so forth. The only exception is if the Guardian Stygian inherits a rare trait from a parent that already owns this trait.
  • Can be any form of squid or octopus tentacles
  • Can combine with elemental to give them an elemental texture/consistency
  • Can combine with skeletal to make them skeletal tentacles
  • Can move independently on their own.
  • Cannot exceed 150% of the Stygian's full body for QUAD (four legged) Stygian, and 100% for BIPEDAL. (2 legged) Stygian of any colouration
  • Cannot be combined with back wings or multiple back wings - tentacles replace back wings.
  • Tentacles cannot be sentient - cannot have, for example, heads on top of their tentacles.
  • Tentacles cannot be placed anywhere other than along spine, or where back wings would be. (Cannot be on the neck, tail, or sides.)
  • Tentacles cannot be affected by the Supersize Trait.
  • Cannot exceed 8 seperate tentacle limbs