Owned By: whisski
Designed By: Waschmittelpulver
Rarity: Legendary

Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests


Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Child of Courage
Special Type: Treatling

Special Traits:
Stygian Inheritance: All Guardian Stygian created from this Treatling will be generated from its Stygian form traits

Bad News: All Guardian Stygian created from this Treatling can also choose to use the Styx subspecies instead of the given one above. If they do so, this Styx guardian can inherit no traits, and their Styx subspecies form cannot create more Styx. 

Zodiac Lions Pride (LIMIT 3): All Guardian Stygian (up to three) created from this Treatling may have the lion's pride inheritance bonus at no additional cost. This is a floating enchanted crescent "collar" accessory that hovers around the Stygian's neck, like an incomplete circular ring. Must have an enchanted accessory "aura" around it, like all enchanted accessories. Must be crescent circle shaped (like a crescent moon), though minor embellishments like spikes and decorational holes/chains are okay. Can be layered with multiple eyes and elemental (though elemental is not included). Cannot be a complete circle (must be a crescent collar). Max 100% Stygian body size. This cannot be passed to alt forms/alt myos or guardians from the guardian. This cannot be inherited by Styx subspecies.

+ Legendary Sigil Rank 4 (Event Exclusive)

+ Zodiac Leo

Careful Caretaker (IC only): Despite their battle-ready exterior, they're quite a precocious caretaker! In fact, familiars, daydreams, and even random treats seem inexplicably drawn to them, sometimes babbling to this Stygian nonsensically. Sort of like a D*sn*y princess, just enough to skirt copyright.

+ Treat Form
+ Berserker Treatling
+ Jobs Unlocked: Explorer

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Character Sheet:


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2020-06-01 04:08:11 Grifferie Added the following skills: [Explorer Level 1] Well Explored
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