MYO-932: Leche < Being of Good Sleep and Bad Tummy Aches >
Owned By: ducclord
Designed By: ducclord
Rarity: Rare
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)


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MYO-932: Leche's Showcase

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ABOUT MYO-932: Leche

OK for gift art

OK for guardian request

-F 2 U- Neko Biscuit Cookies

Leche || Any Pronouns || A Being of Milk and Cookies

Leche does not know how it came to be, just that it is here and it is alive. She knows that the best things in the world is a good warm glass of milk and a nice plate of freshly baked cookies to go alongside it. He knows that these things make him feel warm and cozy inside, and he wishes to share the comfortable feeling to others as well. They'll keep their friends company, even strangers, as they believe that a stranger is a just a friend they have yet to get closer to.

Their persistent and friendly attitude can come off as overbearing or suspicious, but Leche truly means no harm. She simply loves having people around her. In fact, surrounding himself amongst friendly companions fills him with so much joy, even if such companions may be dubios folks. Due to its horrible character judgement, it often falls prey to dangerous acts. While she may perish from misfortune, she does not truly disappear, for she will return to her kingdom, formed once more from the endless ocean of milk and cookies.




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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
Milk and Cookies

Being of Good Sleep and Bad Tummy Aches

he/him, it/its, she/her, they/them, any really

Theme Song:
KK Slider - Buttercup (Jack Stauber)


Personality Traits:
friendly, persistent, clueless, airhead, cheerful, generous, overbearing

friends, milk, small familiar companions, adventuring new lands

ants, cheating at games, bad tummy ache, being alone

Neutral Neutral