T-1674: Wither
Owned By: Lilkyubee
Designed By: Lilkyubee
Rarity: Rare
Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests


+ Berserker Treatling
Treat Form

[This treat cannot be seperated from its Legendary Stygian. If rehomed, it must always be as a pair.]

T-1674: Wither's Showcase
ABOUT T-1674: Wither

  1. Blight (The legendary wither is attached to) adopted him when he was just a wee little treat. He was a little treat shit lord, but she took him under her wing anyways (literally said 'yup this is mine' and dragged him away).
  2. Wither see's Blight as his mother/role model/martial arts master - She kicks his butt basically lol. 
  3. He is the Miniboss to Blights Souls game secret boss - you have to go through him to get to her. That said, he is still learning the art of battle and... has his days where he kinda sucks tbh. He tries!!
  4. Wither is always grumpy, salty, and has a resting b*nch face lmao. Super protective of those he thinks are weaker than him, and takes care of those he considers his own. Likes to tease and is known to not sugar coat - It has caused a punch to the gut once or twice... Is a clingy drunk. 
  5. He gets the job done. If Blight was a 'mob boss' he would be one of the higher-level henchmen who do the dirty work.
  6. Known to take contract work and do pretty much anything. 
  7. His weapon can double as a glaive or a shovel - has been seen digging holes in random places. What he is burying is a different story lmao.


  • Grimoire is his boyfriend.
    • Wither is committed to being with Grim now, but prior to this relationship he was a bit of a playboy and had some flings lol.
    • One of his flings was with Lii. 
  • Friends with Bonbon. 
    • Wither sometimes wanders around close to where Bonbon resides. Has found the treat sometimes just... sitting half buried in a hole. Tried to fully bury him once to see what happened, but we don't talk about it. Sees the treat(ling) as needing protection - will sometimes pick him up and return him home like a lost puppy (even if not lost.)
  • Has a working relationship with Mik and Austin. 
    • Mik is a police officer who comes to Wither for information. In return, he supplies Wither with hard-to-find sweets and coffee. Friends (kinda) with opposing lines of work... somehow they get along pretty well. Mik has very soft hair (Confirmed one drunk night).
    • Austin mostly inquires about some of the uh, more questionable things Wither has found in his wanderings. Sometimes sells him strange happenings. 
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