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Single long tail. Can be based on birds or certain mammals.
MAX SIZING: 200 % body size
Traits Stackable: Multiple Tails Elemental Aura Skeletal Replacement Supersize
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Detached Limbs
  • They must be a tail type of one of the following from this list: deer, any feline, any canine/canid (ie wolves/foxes), any horse tail, any bird tail (feathers must be clustered at base to be singular)
  • Tails have no marking or colour restrictions
    • Tail modifying potions: accessories, elemental, foliage, blood/glowing markings, transparent, crystalline growth, skeletal replacement
    • Potions that will upgrade the tail to that upgraded version: Multiple tails (becomes multiple of the original tail type, so if you had a fox tail, it becomes multiple fox tails), Fantasy tail (replaces existing tail with the fantasy version).
  • They cannot exceed 200% of the body length of your Stygian
  • They cannot have any textures or additional unusual shapes added to them without the purchase of other tail-modifying potions