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Light foliage/flowers for the body/head/mane
MAX SIZING: 25 % body size
Traits Stackable: Light Accessories Glowing Markings Semi-Transparency
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Antlers Paired Horns Single Horn Fantasy Horns/Antlers
Traits Cannot be Used With: Foliage Takeover Parasitic Foliage
  • It must be based off an existing flora shape.
  • Can be any colour and pattern, texture should be of that respective flora
  • Can be different types of flora, not just one.
  • Can be added onto other traits (such as wings, tail, hair, etc)
  • Cannot be added to antlers or horns (needs antler addons potion specifically!)
  • Cannot combined, exceed 25% of the Stygian's body.
This trait is okay to replicate artificially on a Diver Artificial Human form. Traits not listed as Artificial okay can be used on their Stygian form as long as they combined (with Artificial okay traits) does not exceed their assigned rarity (ie if they are rare/ rank 2 rarity, they are allowed 1 rare and unlimited uncommon/common traits. If they are rank 3/ common, they are allowed 1 uncommon and unlimited common traits).