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Welcome to Stygians! To get started, verify your account HERE

Created at 2021-04-06 01:24:03

The Labyrinth, the unusual maze beneath the Nightmare Tree that continues to emit an ominous presence neither malicious nor beneficial. Something speaks to those of Dreams and Nightmares, something promises - those who trek within the labyrinth will be rewarded, that those who trek within the labyrinth will be remembered.

Unspeakable words -

forgotten gods -

horrific amalgamations -

eyes peering into deeper worlds -

- The labyrinth consumes all.



  • Simply click the link above ([ BEGIN THE JOURNEY]) to get started! This will start you on PART 1 of the Labyrinth Returns storyline special prompt.
  • When you hit PART 1 END of the storyline, it will give you a quest prompt!
  • Click on the quest prompt link, and complete the prompt!
  • Part 2 and Part 3 will be the same thing (aka complete one quest prompt corresponding to each part), and will be released weekly with an announcement
  • This prompt can only be completed ONCE PER USER (the series of three), but if you enjoy the storyline and want to complete it on other Stygian, you can, just submit it as a [ R-001] and not as an event quest! 
  • Each part has special prizes, with full completion yielding ONE TIME PRIZES EXCLUSIVE TO THIS EVENT. These are not obtainable anywhere else, even in sales! 




  • ALL PARTICIPANTS WHO COMPLETE PARTS 1-3 WILL RECIEVE THE LEGENDARY LABYRINTH SHADOW-WEAVING POTION [ RESERVED]. This is a potion that is ONLY RELEASED during the three-part labyrinth questline, and will not show up again for a very, very long time!
    •  Read about this trait info [ here ]!
    • If you have this trait on your Stygian but want the cert, any additional Labyrinth shadow-weaving potions will be turned into a legendary non-restricted trait of your choice. 
    • When the event closes, information will be posted on this mini-event wrapup and where to redeem this prize as it is not automatic and must be redeemed with proof of all 3 questlines completed! 

  • Upon turnin of this potion on a Stygian (must be a potion from THIS QUESTLINE not the questlines prior), you will also obtain the special LABYRINTH RETURNS CERT ABOVE for that Stygian. This cert will retire after this event. 
    • Cert can only be applied to the STYGIAN FORM THAT IS USING THE SHADOWWEAVING TOKEN above. Cannot be applied to Diver human forms/ Treatling forms/ Stygian avatar forms, but can be applied to their Stygian/Stygian disguise form. Make sure to choose which alt myo if multiple (again, same alt myo that the potion is going to)
  • There will also be a raffle for: x2 CYO Labyrinth Treat, x2 Mimic Stygian ALT MYO, x1 COMMON DIVER MYO (!!) Token! Each time you complete a quest prompt (so 3 tickets if you complete all 3 parts) 


  • Every part of the quest completed will net you x10 SHADOW TOKENS (base) and x5 SKP (base), along with x50 gold, and a labyrinth key!
  • In addition, every part of the quest completed will give you a raffle ticket for the raffle as shown above!

Special Mini-Event prompt ends APRIL 10 @ 11:59 PM PST FINAL DEADLINE 


Created at 2021-03-25 20:51:54


I've completely streamlined how a daydream evolves now!

  • DAYDREAM EVOLUTIONS NO LONGER REQUIRE SKP: Instead, it just requires Silver now (which is easily obtainable from things such as adventures, minigame arcade, etc)
  • DAYDREAMS DO NOT HAVE TO BE EQUIPPED ON A STYGIAN TO EVOLVE: You can just straight up evolve them from your inventory (though if equipped, they can still evolve)
  • DAYDREAMS SHOW EXACTLY IF they can evolve, and what the cost is Ie: if a daydream cannot evolve, you don't need to feed it!
  • You can also still RELEASE A DAYDREAM for silver! (or in rarer occasions, shado wtokens!)

Click on a Daydream in your DAYDREAM INVENTORY to see if it can evolve or not! 

Because the conversion is now silver, the price for each Daydream evolution has been adjusted accordingly! Hopefully this allows you to evolve some Daydreams you've had that were just starved on SKP! I'm not doing skp refunds since anything that happens in the past is past things, this is just something to help EVERYONE in the future!



You can now get (a small amount) of silver by playing any of the arcade minigames, as an alternative to Adventuring!

Created at 2021-02-23 01:20:21


We've moved around 90% of our info pages from the DA group to the site, and you can check it out in the NEW NIGHTMAREPEDIA!


- Select a category (Which will show a bunch of topics) OR
- Select a topic to get started!
- Searching for title or keywords will bring up what a category is tagged with ie if you look for keyword "primordial" it will show the primordial info article!
- More pages will be coming soon hooray! (This will also be added to the lore dropdown page for easy access)
- Some pages also just redirect to the already existing info page like "Stygian Traits" just goes directly to the Stygian Traits page

Created at 2021-02-17 23:54:47

Happy Valentines day! Better late than never are some VALENTINES UPDATES! Valentines special events end FEB 24th @ 11:59 PM PST




You can find EVENT ONLY plants over at gardening! Get a hold of [ SURPRISE EVENT SEED PACKETS ] in the [ LEAF GACHA ] as well as EVENTS BELOW to hatch your own mome plants!

You can use these mome plants to get SPECIAL RELEASE PRIZES in gardening alchemy, such as potions you normally cannot get save in rare questing feats, new daydreams and more!


Try hybriding them together and creating combos, to turn them in for daydreams in the [ GARDENING ALCHEMY]. The release of event seed packets are limited to this week only!



There is a NEW MINIGAME TOURNAMENT LIVE! To follow the valentines theme, the tournament is for Puzzle's Memory Game! A tournament is simply special prizes that are rewarded ONLY FOR SCORING THE ABOVE SCORES during the DURATION OF THE TOURNAMENT! That means, just by participating and submitting your score for the duration of this week for Puzzle's Memory Game, you will obtain the above prizes equal to your cumulative score!  


Romantic predictions are back! Simply go to any of your Stygian's profiles to view their 10000% accurate romantic predictions! If you have not obtained the achievement already, you may even get a special limited time achievement for your snooping. 




To celebrate the gardening release, you can obtain a FREE SURPRISE SEED PACKET EVERY 24 HOURS by checking out dailies here! Don't forget to claim them until the event closes!



I've scattered a bunch of daydreams throughout the various event shops! Find, and obtain them for a limited time only;
And lastly, we have two Stygian sales for some very special HYBRID Stygian x Nyagon Legendaries! Check them out by clicking the image below!
{ Stygian Legendary Hybrid Auction } Midnight { Stygian Legendary Hybrid Auction } Daylight

Created at 2021-02-14 23:37:22


Have a wonderful Lunar New Years! Claim your free gift below and use it in the LUCKY ENVELOPE SHOP to redeem a variety of prizes, and even a NEW THEMED DAYDREAM!



Created at 2021-02-11 19:34:46


  •  Most have 1:1 conversions (ie Level 1 Baby Carrot -> Baby Carrot), if they dont have a proper conversion, I just approximated the next closest thing
  • New conversions can be used in NEW GARDENING  
  • Empty flower pots will now when you open them, turn into a RANDOM seed packet
  • New Gardening quests are now available [ HERE ]!



  • There are NEW Daydreams in stock in the [ Leaf Exchange ] and [ Midway ] Shops! 
  • [ Stygian ] and [ Treat ] masterslist also links to the DA masterslist and how to rehome. 
  • The main [ site front page ] has been updated when you log in!
  • All shops now show up in the Shops dropdown!
  • Plantdex ] has been added to dropdown!

Created at 2021-02-03 21:23:56

GARDENING 2.0 (soft opening edition) IS LIVE




Create your own garden with your Stygian and Treat tag teams! Collect seed packets, plants, and merge existing plants you've obtain, or plant them in various arrangements to try to get rarer hybrids! It is rumoured that the rarest hybrid give GARDENING EXCLUSIVE prizes such as the new BEE TREAT CYO (evolves to Fairy Treatlings + BEE TRAITS) or BLOSSOMING ALT SUBSPECIES.


In addition, we've released FOUR NEW TRAITS new to gardening: Stygian Fairy Ears, Stygian Leg Spines, Treatling Downward-facing Ears, and Treatling Ankle wings!


GARDENING STARTER KIT BUNDLE: Of course what is a release without a FREE starter kit bundle!

THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAPPY GARDENING! Gardening update quest and quest prizes, as well as old pot changes to new plants will happen at the very end of the month! 

Created at 2021-01-30 23:30:11



FREE FTO MYO Just for this week, ALL FTO have a free fto redeem week! Check it out here! There's also an advertising mini giveaway for ALL, FTO and non FTO for an uncommon trait potion to help spread the love! SPECIAL STAFF EVENT PROMPTS The moderators have brought to you SPECIAL EVENT PROMPTS! These event prompts are only active for the duration of the event, but are completely optional otherwise! While they do not give the x2 skp bonus, they do give EXCEPTIONAL PRIZES for each prompt! Feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to complete, max 1 prompt PER user (ie one of STAFFF-001, one of STAFF-002), AGAIN THESE ARE OPTIONAL, just themed around the event + bonus event themed prizes!


STAFF SALES Staff sales will be happening on the scheduled days as shown on the event page here!


x2 SKP FOR ALL REGULAR QUESTS And of course, all regular quests have x2 skp! Just hit the x2 SKP BUTTON on the regular quest calculator! A NOTE: SKP still maxes at 100 skp, and the MAX AMOUNT Of skp you can earn this week from this bonus is x500, which is a ridiculous amount! That is all - HAPPY STAFF EVENT WEEK!


Stay tuned for some mini events to add to this week and the RELEASE OF GARDENING v2 ON THE 31ST!

Created at 2021-01-21 22:13:42


:crown~1: CELEBRATION WISH INFLUX There seems to be an invasion of Celebration Wishes (2021 edition!) You can catch these unusual children through RANDOM EVENTS AND SITE EVENTS that will be happening all day!  

:crown~1:THROUGH ADVENTURING:  A NEW 48 HOUR ONLY ADVENTURE ZONE HAS POPPED UP with a RARE CHANCE of spawning capturable wishes! Bring your capture capsules, and if you see any wishes, drop them to 20% health to capture them (by clicking the capture button to bring your capsules once they hit 20% health)! Good luck!


 :crown~1:THROUGH MINIGAMES! I will be handing out batches of these in #event-games on Discord at RANDOM INTERVALS of time! Please check in to see if there are any available if you are around!

 :crown~1:THROUGH TRADING POST I will be posting RANDOM LOTS in the trading post, where the first person who gets the lot will get one!

:crown~1:THROUGH ???:??????: ??? ? ???? ???? ??? ?? :blackholeeye:

Created at 2021-01-01 03:15:21


NEW GOLD GACHA BANNER UPDATE The gold Adventure Banner has been updated with a NEW FEATURED BANNER, with the seasonal carousel alt subspecies! In addition, you may see some new daydreams, NEW POTIONS including new Treatling ones, and other items changed over from the usual banner! These are all limited time!


SILVER GACHA also got a changeover of some items! The stamina/revive pots are no longer limited, AND there are a bunch of LIMITED TIME ONLY daydreams you may see in stock and something with very limited stock for 999 silver

Created at 2020-12-30 22:03:53