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Welcome to Stygians! To get started, verify your account HERE

Created at 2024-05-27 19:50:45


Happy (extremely belated) Lunar New Years! Here is a lucky grant for all!

If you can't see the link, scroll down, you may have too many unclaimed free gifts (which you can claim at your leisure)

  • This grant includes A FREE STYGIAN RAFFLE TICKET! Check out the Stygian + info FREE RAFFLE INFO
  • Two additional prizes x2 FREE Regular Treat CYOS will also be rolled!


There is also a special themed flatsale-raffle live for Lunar New Years Stygian for 48 hours! Check it out in the link below + sale info!


Want more Tigerbells or want to see the rarer elusive colours of the Tiger Jackogryph? They have now been added to the Adventure zone "Isle of Lost Holidays"!

These will be limited time from only NOW until FEB 12th EOD! @ both grants/raffle/capturable

Created at 2022-02-08 18:34:34

THE CANDYSWAP LIMITED TIME STAFF APPRECIATION TOURNEY IS LIVE ! A new minigame tournament is live, featuring Candyswap! What is a tournament? It is basically a limited time event, where playing that minigame nets you a cumulative score with BONUS REWARDS! So that means if you score lets say 500 for one day, and 500 for a second, that's already a cumulative tournament score of 1K! If you're really good at the game, and score MORE than the tournament base reqs, you may not receive all the prizes - but your next game submission will! Its just to stagger the prizes out a bit!

What do you get out of this? A bunch of gold, silver, and items of course!

Tournament is LIVE until FEB 10 @ 11:59 PM PST

Created at 2022-01-28 18:02:50

Special Staff Celebration adventures are live!

NEW TO ADVENTURING? Please browse the tutorial here! Adventuring is a turn-based site game where you must defeat the opponent by lowering their health before your Stygians' health is lowered. A very groundbreaking concept for sure! If you need some adventuring help, feel free to check out adventure-chatter

New Capturable Zone!

A new capturable zone has shown up, a strange area of endless holidays. It is said that Daydreams from previous holidays may show up, test your luck and capture them! To capture a daydream, you must whittle them to low health. They also must say CAPTURABLE to capture them. Use a capture capsule and try your luck to take that Daydream (egg stage OR type) home! This is a LIMITED TIME ZONE - daydreams are only capturable here until the 10th


Below is a link for FREE RAID KEYS! Once you've gotten your raid keys, you can now use them by going to their respective tabs and clicking on the key here! If you cannot complete a raid, don't be shy about asking for help in raid-summons-requests as those who help you will get a reward as well!

For completing EACH RAID ONCE you will also get a Treat Raffle Ticket for the Staff Treat Raffle, and a small gold/item bonuses as well as the chance for NEW achievements!

Have fun and good luck adventuring!

Need Adventuring Supplies?

Are you short on capture capsules or the new raid keys, or want to challenge yourself to the new Anniversary Raid EX mode? You can buy them capture capsules AND raid keys HERE!

Created at 2022-02-08 18:24:18

Happy Staff appreciation week, and a big appreciation to all Stygian visitors, returners, and regulars alike! We've got a LOT planned for this week (until Feb 10th) so definitely check out these limited time events and their very unique bonuses! This is including:
  • Limited time staff quests for Guardian MYO tokens x5 raffle!
  • Free Treat raffle!
  • Special dailies for gold
  • Updated gold gacha!
  • x2 SKP for all regular quests!

Created at 2022-01-25 20:10:54

A MYSTERY PUZZLE HUNT IS LIVE UNTIL DEC 31st @ 7:00PM PST/10:00 PM EST (48 hours from this post)

Puzzle has been kidnapped and only you can save her! Use your Escape Room solving skills to see if you can piece together who kidnapped Puzzle! If you solve all the riddles, you will even get some special prizes at the end including the Stygian shown above and MORE STYGIAN PREMADE PRIZES!


Created at 2021-12-29 19:15:38

Happy Winter Holidays! To celebrate the Winter Holidays AND Winter Advent month, here are a SLEW OF UPDATES!


The annual site Advent Calendar has returned with MORE GOODIES! Log in once every day to claim a NEW Advent Calendar goodie AND A Holiday Box! you can use the Holiday Box in the shop below (see below for more info on shop). Advent calendar prizes could be anything from items to NEW DAYDREAMS, shadow tokens, silver, gold, and more!


The holiday secret santa prompt returns! Draw and/or write a piece of gift art/writing for a friend and recieve some fantastic rewards! This time around, there is a ONE TIME QUEST prize reward, and a REPEATABLE quest rewards for people who wish to repeat the quest! You can also recieve HOLIDAY BOXES, special daydreams, and 10 shadow tokens, and the return of the secret santa achievement for your first time completion of this quest!


The Winter Holiday shop returns with FRESH NEW PRIZES! Do you have a [ HOLIDAY BOX ]? Use them in the winter shoppe!

In addition we are doing TWO VERY SPECIAL RAFFLES EXCLUSIVELY in the Holiday Shop - enter for their respective raffles below!

The Holiday Stygianspirations Raffle enters you for the Stygianspirations boards listed below (click the boards to view them + rules). Stygianspirations boards allow you to create a Stygian MYO OR ALT MYO of your pick using the boards given! This time the staff have teamed up to create lovely boards with the theme [ HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING ]. There are EIGHT STYGIANSPIRATIONS BOARDS MYOS. Will you take one home with you? The Celestial Legendary Raffle gives you a CELESTIAL CONVERSION TOKEN, converting an EXISTING LEGENDARY STYGIAN (must be already legendary rarity) TO Celestial type*. Must provide the art required for Celestial type conversion*. Celestial Stygian are special coveted Stygian that very rarely make an appearance, but seem to have a stronger presence during the holidays. It is said that many follow them as icons of worship, and when it comes to devotion and faith, there are none more powerful than Celestial Legendaries. Will you chance your Stygian to become a god? This is a one time special raffle!


NEW STYGIAN SUBSPECIES: SPECTRAL STYGIAN: The ring of ghostly bells summons a strange Stygian from the aether, an entity with spectral hoofprints! If you are lucky, you may even take home your own - one of the above Stygianspiration prizes is also a Spectral Stygian + there may be more ways to earn them in the future!


  • Sylph subspecies is no longer a restricted subspecies and can be accessed using rare myo tokens/rare alt-myos!
  • Page subspecies is no longer a restricted subspecies and can be accessed using rare myo tokens/rare alt-myos!


Two new traits have been released! They are also up for limited time sale in the Winter Holiday Shop!
The FEATHERY SPINE TRAIT gives your Stygian a full feather spine ridge! You can learn more using the given button link!

The ELECTRONIC TAIL gives your Stygian an unusual electronic-type tail! You can learn more using the given button link!


  • Fantasy tail cannot look like Electronic tail.
  • Fantasy tail however now INCLUDES SKELETAL TAIL. That means you dont need also a Skeletal Potion to make IF the tail is seperate AND can be fantasy tailed.
  • Skeletal replacement no longer needs to cover tails that CAN be fantasy tailed. Instead use fantasy tail. Therefore the skeletal replacement 100% can cover more ground on the Stygian themselves!
  • Spine fur can no longer look like the feathery spine traits (obvious feathers) and should be a fur texture!

Created at 2021-12-02 23:49:57


Ever wanted to design your own Treat subspecies? Look no further! All we ask is for a CLEAN SKETCH or LINES of your very own Treat subspecies design (no Treatling just Treat!) - no colour or shading needed!

:contract_treat: The GRAND PRIZE @ chosen winning design will get a TREATLING LEGENDARY UPGRADE - upgrading an existing Treatling to a legendary Treatling - a prize never released before! If you however do not have a Treatling upgrade you can instead upgrade your Stygian to a Legendary Stygian
:contract_treat: x5 Random winners will recieve a TREAT CYO of this new subspecies winning design

:contract_treat: AND to celebrate this momentous occasion, ALL ENTRIES will receive a RANDOM TREAT CONVERSION TICKET CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Created at 2021-11-18 17:37:54

Happy Halloween at Stygians! From now till Oct 31st, check out these Halloween activities and net yourself some NEW and OLD very limited time goodies! We've also released some NEW games and activities just for this season!


The dailies have taken a Halloween flair! Do these special dailies to get a CANDYCORN item! Spend candycorn in the special very limited time Halloween 2021 Shoppe below! Halloween dailies refresh 24 hours from when you claim your last daily.


Do you have any candycorn, as obtained from the dailies above (as well as very occasionally random activities on the site)? Use them in the shop below!

For a very limited time, there is also a VERY SPECIAL TREAT RAFFLE, with the prizes seen above. If you would like to win a Treat as seen above, buy a raffle ticket in the Halloween 2021 Shoppe!

You can also obtain HALLOWEEN SHOPPE only prizes... and more if you are lucky including the new FELINE TREAT type (evolves to witch/wizard Treatling + feline trait bonuses, info coming soon!), and a CYO BATLING DAYDREAM!


A new minigame has been discovered in the arcade - candyswap! Swap candy pieces and try to get 3 matches of a same candy type or more while completing the challenges given! Do you have what it takes to be a candyswap master? There is also a limited time tourney for prizes that ends Oct 31st @ 11:59 PM PST!

Guardian's Blessing event still ongoing!

The Guardian's blessing event is still also ongoing with NEW ARTISTS every week! If you want to catch a chance at the event and at elusive abnormal Guardian traits, check out the event below! This will be the first and last time a large scale Guardian's Blessing event will be hosted.

In addition, you MAY also find (rarely) Candycorn pieces by playing various site games! The most consistent way to get them is to do the Halloween dailies, but of course there is absolutely no rush, take activities at your own pace. Happy Halloween! More mini-updates to come!

Created at 2021-10-17 20:48:40

Week 2 of the Guardian's event has arrived with a list of NEW artists which means a whole new round of etnries! Feel free to check them out here!

Created at 2021-10-08 01:08:42

Halloween prompts are here (ENDS OCT 31st @ 11:59 PM PST)!

To celebrate this spooky October, we've also added some Halloween themed prompts! They can be completed ONCE PER USER and come with some fantastic prizes including:

x1 Spooky Floresce Daydream
x5 Shadow tokens and x5 SKP
x100 Gold
x1 Lost Page
x1 RAFFLE TICKET for the Halloween Raffle! There are TWO HALLOWEEN PROMPTS - Hallow-001 and Hallow-002!

The Halloween Raffle (2021) will be a raffle featuring exclusive seasonal time alts with:
    • x1 Alt-Subspecies Lindyrm
    • x1 Alt-Subspecies Arachnid
    • x1 Alt-Subspecies Feline
    • x1 Alt-subspecies Bat
    • x1 Alt-subspecies Parasitic

    Totalling FIVE PRIZES! Hope to see you there!

Created at 2021-10-03 15:05:43