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Welcome to Stygians!
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Welcome to Stygians! To get started, verify your account HERE

Created at 2021-04-06 01:24:03

 NEW NPC GUIDE: There is a NEW SITE NPC GUIDE as I slowly transfer all our lore guides to on site!



NEW NPC LORE: NEW LORE about all the NPCS have been added, as well as a small blurb about their personality, history, likes, dislikes, preferred pronouns, random facts, art references and MORE! This is to help players as well who are interested in using any of the NPCS for the NPC bonus for quests. (as well as encountering NPCS in future events) 


 NPC QUESTS Quests done for the NPC (be sure to use the NPC's ID when turning in the quest IE NPC-001), will show up if you click on the NPc's name OR click "View player's quests with NPC name"! It's a fun way to see what others have done too, as users too help build on the current canon of the NPCs! 


A reminder you can take NPCs with you on nearly almost every quest!

Created at 2020-11-26 02:54:34


The event wrapup is here! Check it out and claim your event prizes on this page because DA journals are broken CLAIM EVENT PRIZES HERE


 W?ND?RL?ND finale: Just a small finale/wrapup lore can also be seen if you click on the castle icon of the world map HERE


LORE UPDATE The Stygian locations to explore/lore area has been updated with W?nd?rl?nd info! This is where you can also find some bonus lore for your W?nd?rl?nd Stygian and legendaries! To view it go to the STYGIAN INFO PAGE, click on the STYGIAN LORE TAB, scroll all the way down, and click on "W?ND?RL?ND" in the key attractions panel! 


We're slowly wrapping up on our end so please be patient as we work on other updates - once again approvals will be end of the month, as well as the CLOSE of event housing/adventures/ and the tournament! Thank you all for such an amazing event - we hope to see you this winter... or is it already winter can't tell, for WINTER MINI EVENTS + Winter Stygianspriations! 


... and as you probably noticed, the site finally has announcements! Important site announcements will be pinned, and you will also get notifications for them! 

Created at 2020-11-25 22:38:36