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ABOUT MYO-066: Halo

Her 'real' name is Florens.




Towards most people she's quite earnest and enthusiastic in how she acts, even if she can be kinda strict about schedules and jobs, but if you pay more attention then you'd probably notice how she never really divulges anything about herself. it's a trust thing. Even in work mode, she's just as passionate as her usual demeanour, which is in a way worse because she's pretty ruthless when it comes to making 'necessary sacrifices'. Her moral compass is. Er. Somewhat askew, but the one thing she'd always claim to stand by is never to hurt kids, mainly since she's inordinately softhearted towards younger stygians. You might even say that if it was a younger stygian being threatened, then the 'necessary sacrifice' would be Halo herself. Oblivion would be the best ending for her, not them, after all, or so she says. Or you know, whatever the problem is, if it's not as drastic as that.

She's a 'scientist' who's most passionate abt figuring out how to exploit dreams and also building robots and other such technologies. She inherits a training school from her adopted dad, and as a result she... actually hasn't deviated a lot from her original goal. She just, yknow, becomes much more underhanded about how she goes about her research instead as her own nightmare theme starts backfiring on her and pressuring her all the more to be able to take care of everything herself. Is she maybe losing her marbles because of this? Considering all her old principles she's let go of already, probably, man. It's still a pretty reputable school tho, since she puts her all into it, no matter what, and she has a few assistants to keep track of things if she can't. 



Formerly Neutral Good. Then True Neutral. Then Lawful Evil. Her arc's somewhat... wrapped up, or so they say, so here we are, now.

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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
Extreme pressure from high expectations/being put on a pedestal and acclaimed as perfect (fake/current theme). Failure (true theme)



Theme Song:
Word to the Wise - Original Hadestown Broadway Cast

Scientist. Tutor. Inventor. Trainer. Roboticist. Failure.

Personality Traits:
Quite inventive, good at organisation, and makes an effort to be a social person for networking despite preferring solitude. Somewhat agreeable, and tends to handle her stress with an iron fist. A charismatic go-getter who seems to have lost much of herself in her obsession with outer image.

Robots, people-watching, efficiency, twilight and autumn picnics. large dogs. kids. sarcasm.

Weakness, disobedience/people being where they shouldn't be (in her opinion). Memory loss, incompetency, leg cramps.

Mind. Muscles. Mechanics.

Self-reliance. Paranoia. Stress Management.

Lawful Neutral