MYO-821: Gourim < The Devourer >
Owned By: Jasdeki
Designed By: Jasdeki
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: Dragon (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)

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MYO-821: Gourim's Showcase

Wishing Floresce Contract

Battle Rainbow Floresce


Legendary Morpho Floresce

Emerald Floresce

Legendary Floresce

ABOUT MYO-821: Gourim

With rarely more than a scowl on his face, no one who knows Gourim would call him friendly or kind.  Obsessed with the occult and studying rituals of power, very little of his time is wasted.  Those who are less than friendly with him have given him the nickname "the old goat" due to his grumpy nature.

Amnesia causes him great stress, and it often leaves him searching for answers to his past.  Small memories haunt him and he struggles with anger management due to this.  The search for power consumes him, and his goal is to ascend to godhood.


While he is often very harsh, he has a softer side as well.  It comes out occasionally when dealing with his treat companion, Zuma.  If others are able to break down his thick walls, they can be sure to find a caring and almost fatherly figure beneath.  He will go to long lengths to complain about being bothered, but secretly loves having people around him.  Protecting weaker beings pleases him to no end.

Merissa remembers their love and their bond, though Gourim has long forgotten it thanks to his memory loss.  While he has yet to remember her, Merissa keeps an eye on him.  Their love may never be reignited, but there are moments that he seems to acknowledge some feeling he has for her, though it is often from a more protective aspect than one of emotion. 

While he pretends to hate Floresce, they seem to be attracted to him.  It's common for him to lave a sad pack of his fish-like companions at home, and it is rare for him to be able to leave a wild Floresce be.  If he finds a new one to take as a pet, he'll "adopt them" claiming they are too sad to leave alone in the wild.

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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
The occult gone wrong, a ritual twisted into the horrific..

The Devourer


Theme Song:
Grave Mistake - Ice Nine Kills


Personality Traits:
demeaning, hateful, chaotic, sad, bestial, voracious, cruel, boisterous, annoyed

entertainment, sleep, food, good drink, warm spots

crowds, cold, bad food, vegetables

Tenacious, fiercely loyal, intelligent, well read, proficient in combat and magic alike

Emotional Damage, memory loss, consuming anger, one-track mind

Chaotic Evil

Significant Others: