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Rarity: Demi-God
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Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests



  • Subspecies: Inherited 
  • Common traits: 4
  • Uncommon traits: 3
  • Rare traits: 2
  • Guardian traits: 1
  • Legendary traits: 1
  • Abnormal traits: 1
  • Draconic Plated Scales trait: Any EXISTING Stygian OR NEW GUARDIAN Stygian (Guardians must be blessed by this Stygian) can inherit the Draconic Plated Scales trait at no additional cost. This can only affect Dragon or primordial subspecies Dragon Stygian, and changes specifically the dragon's back spines/ primo dragon's back spine fur to large plated scales instead. The plated scales must be very similar in shape and size of the originator (see Stygian Child of Drakes).  Plated scales each cannot exceed individually larger than 100% the size of the Stygian's head, and can only be on the upper 50% of the Stygian's back (where the spines are). The countdown affects both for example: you could use one for an existing Stygian, and one for a Guardian blessing, that would be 2 of the 3 limit. Plated scales can be stacked with back spines (seperately) sticking between plates. Please when using make sure the person who is using your blessing if not a Guardian jar has a screenshot of your permission to use this trait during redeems. Disclaimer: there will be Plated Scales trait released much later (legendary, restricted - non inheritable), but that trait would not be able to replace a dragon's spine/back spines/ fur, and can only achieve half this sizing.

Guardians blessing slots are grown by the respective artist: Himehorse


With awakening blessings from:

Legendary (Dragon)

Demi-God (Bookwyrm)
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