G-692: Schwarz
Owned By: werfenspeer
Designed By: werfenspeer
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: Feline (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes

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+ Jobs Unlocked: Merchant, Explorer
[ Can Gift / Trade for other Stygian only ]

G-692: Schwarz's Showcase

Total Eclipse

Voidcat Pride

Voidcat Smolloween

Candy Bucket Voidcat

Gemdragon Peridot

Felusine Root

Wishing Floresce Emerald

Legendary Wreathel Demonic

ABOUT G-692: Schwarz

"Do I deserve this?" "Am I worthy of this?"

So irrelevant. Do you want it?

Schwarz is one of two Stygian that were created when an ancient Stygian crumbled and fragmented through time and obscurity. Originally reduced to scattered fragments across the Nightmare Realm, his other half's efforts have enabled him to take an independent Stygian form. 

A coy and unperturbed person, he prefers to observe instead of taking on an active role. Unlike Weiss, his main goals in life is to amuse himself, though what exactly he considers amusing is a secret to all, even his soulmate does not quite know. He follows his own whims and interests, often dragging Weiss along in his pursuit of entertainment. While he doesn't mind meeting new people, he tries to keep his distance from them and avoids getting tangled up in other Kingdoms' politics.

Usually, he appears in his Betta form or human avatar form. He keeps his true power hidden, so that he remains as an unassuming presence in others' minds.


3 Avatar Forms: Human, Animal from Merchant Level 1 (Black Snake), Animal from OvC Quest (Black Cat)

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Human Avatar

Human Avatar





Character Sheet:



Personality Traits:
Elegant, graceful and mysterious, a catlike shadow who watches but does not act. He keeps all he sees to himself, leaving behind nothing, not even footprints. He hides his true intentions behind a smile, basking unbothered in the cold moonlight. All he seeks is something interesting to observe.

Weiss, Black Cats, Darkness, Interesting Things

Boredom, Tedium, Bright Light, Unnecessary Bureaucracy

Perceptive, Patient, Open-minded

Secretive, Loyal only to himself, Whimsical

Chaotic Neutral