L-400: The Empty Lord < The Conqueror and The Architect >
Owned By: werfenspeer
Designed By: Zoomutt
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Behemoth (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)

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Rarity: Legendary
Branch: Child of Origin
Special Type: Elder/Kingsguard
Special Traits:
★ [ Primordial Inheritance ]: All Guardian Stygian created from this one may inherit the Primordial trait if a Legendary Trait slot is rolled. 
 [ Origin Subspecies ]: Subspecies inheritable from this Stygian:  Lindwyrm, Serpent, Dragon, Wyvern, Behemoth, Wraith, Regular.
★ [ Molting Body Origins (MAX 5 WITH THIS INHERITANCE) ]:  Allows for a combination of Digital Molting Body and Striped Molting Body . It means you can combine the two, or pick one. Grantable to a new guardian jar or an alt form for an existing Stygian (either grant counts towards the max grants).
  • Please when using make sure the person who is using your blessing has a screenshot of your permission to use this trait during redeems. 
★ [ Behemoth Origins (MAX 5 WITH THIS INHERITANCE) ]:  Allows large, interlocking chest /belly plates like the auction image above for Behemoth and Primordial Behemoth subspecies. Grantable to a new guardian jar or an alt form for an existing Stygian (either grant counts towards the max grants).
  • Chest plates can run from below head to the base/ end of tail.
  • Can be used on existing Stygian, alt forms, and new Guardian Stygian.
  • The countdown affects both for example: you could use one for an existing Stygian, and one for a Guardian blessing, that would be 2 of the 5 limit.
  • Please when using make sure the person who is using your blessing has a screenshot of your permission to use this trait during redeems. 

★ [ ROOTS OF ORIGIN (LORE ONLY - ie in Questing/ RP ONLY) ]: Has a dormant and active form. Its dormant form is contained in a semi-circular orb (see above), the active form manifests pieces of its dormant form. Its Nightmare long shattered, the Child of Origin instead, absorbs the aether of fallen, forgotten Nightmares, molding it to its own.

[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell ]
[This Legendary cannot be seperated from its Treat Companion. If rehomed, it must always be as a pair.]
L-400: The Empty Lord's Showcase

Pomstar Crimson Moon

Pompom Nebula

Pomstar Comet

Pompom Galaxy

ABOUT L-400: The Empty Lord

Guardian request always open! No IC connotations unless discussed prior. 
Primordial Inheritance and Subspecies Inheritance always free!
Lindwyrm, Serpent, Dragon, Wyvern, Behemoth, Wraith, Regular all available!
Animate Weapons Mastery can be inherited as well!


No banquet was eternal. Everything had an end. Everything.


The Empty Lord (TEL for short) is an Elder Stygian who was born from the nightmares of an ancient civilization now lost to time. In danger of fading away permanently, he renewed his vow to the Nightmare Tree in the primordial era and was reborn through its power as a Kingsguard. He was known by two other titles in his prime, the Conqueror and the Architect. These titles described his two sides; a brave general and a keen tactician.

To the Nightmare Vale, he was the Conqueror, a prestigious warrior who secured many victories for his liege. To the denizens of the Labyrinth, he was the Architect, a mysterious Elder and weaver of incomprehensible schemes. Decisive yet subtle, valiant yet cunning; his dual aspects nevertheless tempered each other well and formed a cohesive personality. Very few Stygian know that the Conqueror and the Architect are actually the same individual, because he was careful to keep his life above the Labyrinth separate from his life within it.

However, his tenure of service to the Nightmare Tree came to an end abruptly in the twilight years of the primordial era. The Empty Lord was betrayed by his sworn brother, his form shattered and his existence fading from history. However, he was not actually dead, for his original throne lay within the Labyrinth's floors, and he went into hiding in this second secret Kingdom to recuperate. Reduced to a husk of his former power, he slumbered within his coffin for the next few thousand years, visited only occassionally by his family and the few allies who still remembered him.

Eventually, the fragments of the Conqueror finally coalesced into a single Stygian with pure white fur. He had an intense instinct to seek out and revive his other half - the Architect, who took a form veiled in darkness and shadow. Thus Weiss and Schwarz came into being as heirs of the Empty Lord. As the two continued on their journeys within the Nightmare Realm, a portion of their power flowed back to their origin, awakening TEL from his slumber at long last. Finding himself in an unfamiliar future, he is content to simply sit back and observe the denizens that inhabit it and the way the world has become.


Personality Trivia:

  • He has mellowed out a lot since his younger days and is generally chill about most things
  • Doesn't advertise his former reputation but doesn't shy away from talking about it factually when others ask him for it
  • Quite willing to take on a mentor/teacher role to younger folk, but he has a mostly hands-off approach and prospective pupils will have to actively seek him out and prove they want to learn from him
  • Proficient in handling identity issues because he has two balanced but cohesive personalities
  • Plays a lot of Dream-Online as a veteran and also Dream Grand Order as a F2P casual player



3 Avatar Forms: Human, Mythical from Ascension (TBD), Abnormal from Elder Job Level 3 (TBD), (To do black door white door quest), (To add merchant job)


Inheritance Notes:

Molting Body Origins

  1. Reserved for personal use
  2. Reserved for personal use
  3. infel-phira
  4. wyrmbloods
  5. -

Behemoth Origins

  1. Reserved for G-480
  2. Silberry
  3. GutsButt
  4. Naggeela
  5. puppy-nei


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The Empty Lord

Nightmare of:
A long-lost world that has faded into the mists of time

The Conqueror and The Architect



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