MYO-638: Kuyuma < Emperor of the Lost Forest >
Designed By: ThatBlackFoxCanBark
Rarity: Uncommon
Subspecies: Dragon (Rare)

Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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ABOUT MYO-638: Kuyuma


Kuyuma is a proud, dignified, and judgmental stygian. He keeps on an air of self-importance, feeling above everyone else. He’s not one for socializing, but when he does he’s smooth and chooses his words with care. This is a front though, a tactic he uses to be on someone’s good side, so they wouldn’t question anything suspicious he does.

This does not mean he won’t show his extreme distain for someone if they are severely irritating him. He feels like everyone around him is less than him and he will not be afraid to let that feeling show on his face in a scowl.

If you challenge Kuyuma to a fight, he’ll accept it. Now, this is where he loses his cool act and becomes blunt. He’s not afraid to taunt and insult his opponent, or even get violent. He’s not an easy picking and will be malicious. If he wins, he won’t boast, but he’ll have a constant smug expression every time you’re in his sight and give back-handed (or rather, back-hooved.) compliments... Which is probably worse than just boasting.

If he loses, he’ll just probably say “Congratulations.” with a straight face and never speak to you again. Because he’s salty.

Dragon Form


His rage has consumed him, the bloodlust unquenchable. He battles and slains many enemies in a blind hatred, ruthless and nearly savage in nature. The fire in his aether burns through him to no end, as the flames within erupt from his throat in a furious bloodcurdling roar. One can only wonder what had happen to turn this once dignified stygian into such a thing of anger.

Maybe the emptiness of his nightmare was to much to bare.



Lost in the woods, lost with no purpose, no meaning, no answer. Dark green pine trees come from every direction, even from the sky. They expand and grow in far as the eye can see, and far as in only a few feet in front of you. There’s a dim light source that seems to come from nowhere. There is no one here but you and the Forest.

You walk through the forest, desperately seeking an answer, a purpose, a meaning, for something. You do not know what, but the hollowness within you did not care, as long as you didn’t feel lost anymore. You keep walking through the forest, the creaking of branches can be heard behind you. A look back will show that another tree has grown in the path you just crossed. There is no backtracking here. Each path you take will be the last time you walk it.

You keep walking through the forest, feeling so sure you can get through. There must be an end to these infinite trees, an answer waiting to ease your questions and fill your emptiness. But, there isn’t.

Everywhere you turn, there is only forest. Only evergreen pines, only dark dim lighting, the helplessness of being lost. You do not want to accept that you are lost, you refuse to. So you keep going, you keep turning this direction and that, maybe you try to tear down the trees, try to climb out of them, or even sit and wait for someone to come and help you find the way. But it is no use, there is no way out of the infinite land of trees.

You are lost.

After you’ve have fully accepted the truth of your situation, a red palace will miraculously appear. It is filled with royalty items and possessions, banquets of food, and plenty of rooms for entertainment. It makes a comfortable place to live, even with the small windows filtering in a little bit of light.

But… It isn’t enough. The most sparkling of royal jewels do nothing to mend the gaping wound slashed deep without your being.

You may have found a home, you may have enough possessions to make you feel like a king, you may even have all the knowledge you could ever need in this palace, but you are still lost.

The thought of it makes you angry. You hate these woods, you hate not having no answers, you hate feeling helpless.

You hate the feeling of being lost in your own emptiness.

And soon, you will become lost in your hatred as well.

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Stygian Art

Human Avatar

Stygian Art

Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
Lost in the Woods, Lost with No Purpose, Meaning, or Answer. Lost in the Madness of your Rage as you delve deeper

Emperor of the Lost Forest


Theme Song:
Hellfire (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Metal Cover) - Jonathan Young

Bererker for hire (You gotta pay for him to fight for you because he’s a greedy bastard-)

Personality Traits:
Judgemental, Dignified, Proud, Courteous, But blunt and insulting when in combat

Fighting in combat for the heck of it, Reading, Luxury, Taking long walks

Rowdy people, Dirt/Mud, Getting lost, You probably

Has a silver tougue, and is a strong fighter

Too judgemental of others for his own good

Lawful Evil