This is a list of all Stygian Traits! ADDITIONAL Traits for your Stygian/ MYO can be purchased using the shop link below and/or obtained in various site ARPG activities. They show up in your items inventory, and you can use them in the Redeem MYO/ML link below.

Stygian being redeemed have a MAX TRAIT ADDON CAP OF 20 COMMON/UNCOMMON/RARE/GUARDIAN/LEGENDARY traits (not including subspecies default traits such as "spine fur" for Parasitic Stygian). Of course this is a highly ludicrous cap: Stygian are equally loved with no traits, some traits, or lots of traits!


Is restricted:
Artificial Okay:

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Gives your Stygian a wire-like tail based on Electronic items.
MAX SIZING: 200 % body size
Traits Stackable: Mulitple Tails Supersize
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Detached Limbs
Traits Cannot be Used With: Long Tail Short Tail Fantasy Tail Weaponed Tail Sentient Tail
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Stygian or MYO without owning this specific potion. This includes semi-customs, MYO Tokens, Guardian MYOS, Alt MYOS, rebases, so on so forth. The only exception is if the Guardian Stygian inherits an rare trait from a parent that already owns this trait.
  • Must be a wire-like tail based on the electronice items listed below:
    • Eletrical power plugs
    • USBs (must be usb shaped or recognizeable as a USB) and USB cables
    • Adapters (such as AC adaptors)
    • Headsets/Microphones with cables
    • Speakers with cables
    • Video Game Controllers
    • Phones/Mobile/Tablet (attached with a cable/charger)
    • Electronic Mice with wires/cables
    • Keyboards with cable
  • All tails should be attached to the Stygian. They cannot be detached or floating.
  • All Electronic Tails should resemble electronic household good wires and cables at some point! They are tails, after all.
  • Can be used with Multiple Tails to give your Stygian multiple same or different Electronic Tails.
  • Can be used with Elemental Aura to give the tail sparks or electricity coming out of the tail. (Or other elements) Elemental Aura cannot infuse the tail to make it a purely elemental tail, however.
  • Cannot mimic any other existing trait. Cannot be weapon shaped.
  • Cannot be stacked with itself (use Multiple Tails Potion instead)
  • Cannot be sentient, used with skeletal replacement, or infused with elemental aura (so the tail itself cannot become elemental).
  • Cannot be made organic materials - will always be based on household electronic cables, cords, and devices (as listed above).
  • Cannot exceed 200% of the Stygian's full body (chest to butt) in length.