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Weaponed Tail Guardian

Gives your Stygian a Guardian Weaponed Tail trait. This gives your Stygian a tail that turns into a fully functional weapon at the end. This cannot be inherited or passed to ALT MYOs.
MAX SIZING: 300 % body size
Traits Stackable: Elemental Aura Skeletal Replacement
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Fantasy Tail Long Tail Short/Medium Tail
Traits Cannot be Used With: Multiple Tails Sentient Tail Supersize
This is a Restricted trait and can only be unlocked by the pairing with Primordial or unlocked with a Job Skill, potions needed as necessary. This trait cannot be inherited by Guardians or passed on to Alt MYOs
  • Gives your Stygian a tail that turns into a bladed weapon at the end. The flexible (organic) part of the tail must be between 100% and 200% of body length. The bladed weapon can be max 100% of the body length.
  • Can be added to a Stygian that has a Guardian trait unlocked with the Primordial trait or certain job skills (Explorer, Pirate, Librarian). Potions are required when unlocked with the Primordial trait or the Explorer job class.
  • Can be stacked with Elemental Aura to give the bladed weapon a metal coating. Elemental Aura cannot infuse or replace any part of the tail.
  • Skeletal Replacement cannot replace the weapon part of the tail, only the organic part.
  • Must be a bladed weapon. Cannot be a projectile, be a chain, be a mace, break apart, etc.
  • Cannot have Supersize, Multiple Tails, or Sentient Tail applied to Weaponed Tails.