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Increases the size of certain traits. Is "Reserved" for special grants only.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Small Animal Companion Treatling Large Animal Companion Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery Treatling Foliage Takeover Treatling Halo Treatling Whiskers Treatling Pom-Pom Treatling Body Rings Treatling Hollow Crater Treatling Enchanted Accessory Treatling Antennae
This is a Reserved trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific [ ++ ] Trait potion.
  • Increases the size of any of these following traits: Treatling Small Animal Companion, Treatling Large Animal Companion, Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery, Treatling Foliage Takeover, Treatling Halo, Treatling Whiskers, Treatling Pom-Pom, Treatling Body Rings, Treatling Hollow Crater, Treatling Enchanted Accessory, Treatling Antennae. Will also the increase the size of a Knight's sword or sheild, a Ranger's bow (not arrows), a Sniper's rifle, a Dragoon's polearm, or a Berserker's glaive/axe (if your Berserker has two weapons, only one can be increased in size).
  • Increases the size of the traits listed above, with no upper limit on sizing. However, oversized traits cannot hide or obstruct the Treatling as well as any species defining or other traits.
  • It does not affect any traits other than those listed above.
  • For very large oversized traits, we as per usual reserve the right to crop the Treatling for cert only to fit the cert!
  • Can be obtained through Patreon as well as special auctions/promotions.

Allows your Treatling to turn into another coloured version of themselves
MAX SIZING: % body size
  • This means, in the ARPG they can easily and fluidly (or are consistently phasing) between two colour modes, a "dream" one and a "nightmare" one.
  • ONLY the colour changes, not the traits themselves (though the trait colours can change too).
  • ONLY COMMON traits can be slightly modified: ie red roses for light body foliage to black lillies
  • Traits cannot be removed, or modified outside of colour. That means if they had blue fire element, you can colour change it to green or pink fire element, but it can't become pink ice element.
  • You cannot change any markings on the Treatling. However, you can change the colours of the markings (as well as all base colours etc).
  • The Treatling's skin-tone cannot change at all. Only the clothing, hair, and trait colour can change.

  • Allows your Treatling's entire appearance take on a fragmented look, like a mirror that was just broken.
    MAX SIZING: 50 % body size
    This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific potion.
    • Fragments can be of any crystalline shape, but detached pieces should not be "missing" from the Treatling (though they can be floating, above, around, behind, or below it).
    • Affects all traits
    • Cannot have any missing parts of the fragments (ie incomplete body)
    • Cannot be used to have a limb detached from the body.
    • Is not "glitchy", the fragments have a broken mirror-like effect.
    • Fragmentation effect cannot exceed more than 50% of the Treatling.

    Gives the Treatling ghostly invisibility and a head wisp.
    MAX SIZING: % body size
    This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific potion.
    • Must be a wispy ghost-like flame/element on top of the Treatling's head/forehead.
    • Can be multiple wisps on top of head and extending down the spine and tail (max 10 wisps total). Must always have one main wisp over the head/forehead.
    • Wisps can be of any wispy shape (as long as it looks fluid)
    • Wisps should be semi-transparent and of one colour.
    • While the Treatling cannot be completely invisible (save wisp) in its masterlist art, it can however, in the ARPG be all forms of visibility (save wisp). The wisp will always be visible.
    • Wisps cannot imitate an actual object shape.

    Gives your Treatling up to 2 additional tails.
    MAX SIZING: 150 % body size
    Traits Stackable: Treatling Longer Tail Treatling Skeletal Replacement Treatling Elemental Aura Treatling Multiple Eyes Treatling Semi-Transparent Treatling Foliage Takeover
  • Replicates the EXISTING TAIL of your Treatling with multiples of that tail in the same size/length/type
  • Tails have to be identical (again to the existing tail)
  • Tails have to be the same size.
  • Can be different patterns or colourations.
  • Can have MAX 3 tails
  • Can be combined with: skeletal replacement (only turns ONE of them skeletal), elemental aura, multiple eyes, semi-transparent, foliage takeover.
  • Cannot be used anywhere except to replicate other Treatling tails
  • Combined together, cannot exceed 200% of the Treatling size
  • Cannot be detached from body

  • Allows your Treatling to have multiple wings down its spine/back to the top of the tail.
    MAX SIZING: % body size
    Traits Stackable: Treatling Elemental Aura Treatling Multiple Eyes Treatling Semi-Transparent Treatling Foliage Takeover Treatling Fractured Body Treatling Glitch Body
    Traits Cannot be Used With: Treatling Skeletal Replacement Treatling Wing Removal
    • Wings MUST be from back/spine to top of the tail (for head wings, please purchase head wings potion).
    • Wings MUST be the same type of wing as its Treatling form originally was (ie if it was fairy wings, multiple fairy wings, if feather multiple feather).
    • Follow the same rules as backwings in terms of trait addons (ie: can be stacked with element or multi-eyes to get an element or multi-eyed effect, etc).
    • Each wing MUST be the same size of wing as its Treatling form originally had (ie if 50% of body, can only have each wing be that).
    • Maximum 3 pairs of wings.
    • Cannot be sticking out of anywhere but from spine/back area.
    • Cannot be applied to Treatling types that do not have back wings (ie: Ranger or Islander).

    Removes your Treatling's existing head and replaces it with a floating one.
    MAX SIZING: 50 % body size
    • The head must be a "replacement" head that shows the original head is missing (ie absence of original head or a floating head). These "replacement" heads should be inorganic and non animal/ mythical object heads such as: organic items (plants which still need foliage potion), artficial items (TVs, masks, etc etc), floating element (with elemental potion), or completely missing head.
      • Heads CANNOT be any type of ORGANIC CREATURES, to not accidentally get mixed up with avatar forms or other species. This includes animals, human, and mythical creature shaped heads, as well as object heads that are "inorganic" but look exactly like an organic creature head.
    • You are allowed to do animal STYLIZED object heads as long as they don't literally look like an animal head, such as a floating plush head, mecha head, animal mask head, so on so forth. These inspired heads should not have actual functioning eyes or mouth (so like fake eyes and fake mouth)
    • The head MUST be clearly separate from the Treatling's body.
    • The head can be floating, or held, anywhere on canvas, or just be entirely missing (in this case, it would have no "head" at all @ missing).
    • Cannot be multiple heads.
    • The head cannot exceed 50% of the body of your Treatling in any one direction.
    • The clear-cut separation line CANNOT be hidden in any way. It cannot be covered with a collar/accessory or with fur/hair. Nor can the head 'rest' or 'sit' on the neck.
    • They cannot have any decorations or additional twists/unusual shapes added to the head without the purchase of other modifying potions (ie if you want plants on the head you need a foliage potion). For halo you need to add halo potion. If you want mist coming from the missing head part, add elemental aura).
    • Object heads cannot make a Treatling's head look exactly like another animal, human, Stygian, or adoptables species. Object heads cannot make a Treatling's head look identical to their Stygian or Treat forms. This is to prevent complete confusion between what is a Treatling species and what is their canonical other forms.

    Allows you to supersize a Treatling's wings, tails, elemental aura, or hair (one trait per potion only).
    MAX SIZING: 300 % body size
    Traits Stackable: Treatling Long Hair Treatling Longer Tail Treatling Multiple Tails Treatling Back Wings Treatling Multiple Wings Treatling Elemental Aura
    • PICK ONE OF THESE TRAITS TO SUPERSIZE: Treat wings, Treatling Longer Tail, Treatling Multiple Tails, Treatling Multiple Wings, Treatling Elemental Aura (MAX 1 this way), Treatling Long Hair. One potion = one trait to pick.
    • Allows these traits to exceed standard sizing. There is no upper limit on sizing.
    • The Treatling still MUST BE SHOWING AND FULLY VISIBLE. Traits should not cover up any of the Treatling's primary traits/details including species defining traits.
    • Tails can increase in length but not width.
    • MULTIPLE WINGS/TAIL: Same as regular supersized, but multiple.
    • ELEMENTAL AURA: Only affects one element if you choose to supersize it. If free flowing (not attached to any existing traits), it must flow as one continuous trait (ie if you pick rainbow it must be one long continuous rainbow effect, not a multitude of rainbow throughout your Treatling).
      • If your treatling has multiple elementals, only one can be supersized.
      • If stacked with hair or wings ie elemental hair, elemental wings, you only need one supersize potion, just for the element, and again must flow as one continuous trait.
      • Cannot look like any other existing trait.
      • Cannot be used to supersize any other elemental influences on traits not listed above (ie you CANNOT do elemental + supersized object head, elemental + supersized halo, or elemental + supersized animal companion, etc.))
    • For subspecies with default tails/wings, it can affect their default tail/wing (pick one).
    • One potion PER trait to supersize. For example, if you buy a supersize potion, you can supersize the wings OR the tail, not both (if you want both, you need another supersize potion)
    • Does not include Treatling ear wings or ankle wings.
    • Again, only one potion PER trait on your Treatling from the allow traits above.
    • Supersized traits cannot be stacked with themselves ie: you can have supersize + elemental with supersize + wings, but not supersize + elemental with supersize + another elemental
    • For very large supersized images, we as per usual reserve the right to crop the Treatling for cert only to fit the cert!