Owned By: prince-corvidae
Designed By: al-kem-y
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Wishing (Rare)

Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Child of Mercy
Special Type: Treatling

Special Traits:Stygian Inheritance: All Guardian Stygian created from this Treatling will be generated from its Stygian form traits.

Bad News: All Guardian Stygian created from this Treatling can also choose to use the Styx subspecies instead of the given one above. If they do so, this Styx guardian can inherit no traits, and their Styx subspecies form cannot create more Styx. 

Zodiac Chains of Grief (LIMIT 3): All Guardian Stygian (up to three) created from this Treatling may have the chains of grief inheritance bonus at no additional cost. This is an enchanted accessory that has a clock (max 50% body size) tied to thin chains (max 200% body size). This cannot be passed to alt forms/alt myos or guardians from the guardian. This cannot be inherited by Styx subspecies.

+ Legendary Sigil Rank 4 (Event Exclusive)

+ Zodiac Cancer

Clockwork Timeline (IC only): An enchanted accessory with eternal chains ticking down, the clock can briefly glimpse past events that have happened to existing Stygian or Treatlings (with permission from their owners).

+ Treat Form

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