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Rarity: Rare
Gift Art: OK
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+ Witch/Warlock Treatling 
Treat Form

[ Can Gift / Trade for other Stygian only ]

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ABOUT T-1246: Mercury



The lights are flashing and the music is blaring in this dream of a Halloween party in full swing. All the guests are dressed to the nines, having gone all out with their costumes. Oddly enough, every single costume involves a mask of some sort, concealing the identities of your fellow party goers. But that doesn't matter, no? All that matters is enjoying this night for all it's worth. Even if things seem a little spooky...isn't that what Halloween is all about?



Originally found sleeping soundly in a sunbeam in Saudade's forest, Mercury, or 'Holo' as he was nicknamed, was picked up by Somnia's group and accepted this without much of any protest. The little Feline treat spent a great amount of time snoozing wherever he happened to get the urge among their kingdoms, and for quite a long time made no efforts to seek out Treatropolis and awaken. Even as other Treats integrated into the group and felt the call of the contract, Holo seemed completely unaware, or perhaps completely uninterested. Rui, who had befriended him, became concerned that it might be a sign that he would not be able to transform back. Eventually of course, after a number of trips bringing him to the outskirts of Treatropolis trying to coax him into acting, she was proven wrong.

With the transformation, little changed about his personality - and while not particularly upset by it, Mercury admitted he wouldn't have even minded staying a Treat for all time. It was certainly more peaceful than the war he recalls from times past...but, perhaps the peace would remain this time. Now a Treatling, Mercury took on his name again, though he likes having Holo as a nickname still. He and Rui grew closer after the transformation, his easy-going nature a surprisingly good foil for her energetic one. Though there is one thing that can make the normally sleepy Treatling quite animated - and that's anything and everything to do with Halloween.

Castle: The Eternal Halloween Party

Mercury's castle is a modest but decked out house, clad in Halloween decorations from top to bottom - even spilling into the surrounding streets of the neighborhood it's situated in. A party is in full swing in this house, with music and flashing lights and dry ice spilling smoke into the halls, and it's a party that never ends. Party-goers show up in droves, not one out of costume, and each one outfitted with a mask.

The dream is fairly simple - just enjoy the party!

Though occassionally...some figures among the crowd whisper things to each other, too low to be heard with the blaring music. Something's being planned in the midst of the festivities...and that's going trick-or-treating! A few people pull away from the party and head out into the streets, and the dreamers can choose to follow.

The moon is full and the distant sound of the party music energizes the little party that heads off to take part in the Halloween tradition. It's just a shame the castle's boundaries don't encompass the entire neighborhood.

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Nightmare of:
Dream of An Endless Halloween Party

Cool Cat



Personality Traits:
Sleepy, laid-back, and chill regarding most everything - everything except Halloween. When it comes to the holiday he becomes quite animated, outgoing, and playful

Halloween, neon lights, napping in his treat form