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ABOUT G-272: Invisible

I am invisible...
I'm in this room for days...
Teeth on every wall...
That never go away.
I'm made of blades and flame...
I'm sick and dangerous...
You're my favorite prey
'Cause I hurt the ones I love.

Invisible - Otep


Pronouns: She/her or They (plural)

Bio: Her nightmare is a dimly lit subway station - a dark platform with an endless tunnel, the light in the room only barely reaching the tracks, nothing more. There's a howling, screeching sound. It doesn't take those trapped in the nightmare long to realize there is no train, but still, most never leave the platform.

Kept in touch with Wolf and Raven after they blessed her jar. They consider her their daughter, and they often hunt together. Their similar interests likely help them get along.

When not hunting through other nightmares, she's usually in the depths of some dark crevice, waiting away from watching eyes.

ML Art Fullsize: https://sta.sh/0fd2634y7yi

Themes: Sleep Paralysis, Stealth and Darkness, Trains/Subways

Enjoys: The Hunt

Fears: Being watched


Guardian Requests: Always available - you don't need to ask me first unless you want to. Ask about lore, Invisible doesn't get close to people easily but it's possible!


ooc note from Anarchisme: Invisible is based on a recurring sleep paralysis night terror I had of an incoming train. thought it might be neat to base a Stygian on.

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Nightmare of:
Hunting Along Train Tracks

The Ghost Train

She/her | They/them

Theme Song:
Invisible - Otep

Adrenaline, The Hunt, Dark Windy Tunnels

Bright Lights, Eyes, Being Watched

Significant Others: