ABOUT L-177: Wolf and Raven

I had a nightmare
The Wolf eating The Raven
Entrails of life on my plate
And I ate 'em...
Interested in what I see
Try that Rorcharch test on me
Have you seen the beauty of the
Enticing beast

Wolf and Raven - Sonata Arctica


Head with Accessories: Raven

Head with Scars: Wolf

Pronouns: Raven - They/Them; Wolf - He/Him, They/Them

Bio: Raven plays the villain and a predator often, but is fully sapient themself, not simply a wild animal. There are few people that they let down the 'monster' guise down around. Regardless, they are a hunter and take on ridiculous challenges that land them in trouble often, sometimes angering powerful beings that curse them. Raven takes curses in stride, seeing them as just another thing to work through.

Wolf is a creature of impulse that attempts to eat anything around, including the rest of their body. Now having his own head and mind rather than just being a tailmaw and a curse, he hasn't changed much. A wild, unkempt creature with animalistic excitement, he and Raven make a dangerous team with a horrible competitive streak - luckily, they rarely get along long enough to do more than hunt.

Their nightmare is an endless, warping void of color that they drift through. Cloudy nebulae as thick as walls obscure them as they search for prey. The pair steal artifacts from their adventures often, twisting their nightmare and their form further. Their treasures can range from mundane souveniers to enchanted items to morbid pieces of 'art' that many find questionable to look at.
At the lowest point of their kingdom is a pit, yawning infinitely and spitting cosmic smoke. The only thing Wolf and Raven have ever said about it is that it remade them.

Themes: Chaos, Space and Nebulae, Devouring

Enjoys: The void

Fears: Raven - Wolf. Wolf - [INCOMPREHENSIBLE]


Guardian Requests: Always available - you don't need to ask me first unless you want to, I'll probably just figure you're looking for their restricted traits. <: Lore is unlikely, you can ask about that but that may take some figuring out!

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Animal/Mythical Avatar

Human Avatar

Animal/Mythical Avatar

Character Sheet:

Wolf and Raven

Nightmare of:
Cosmic Void

The Creature That Crawled Up From The Chasm

They/them | He/him

Theme Song:
Wolf and Raven - Sonata Arctica

Hunter - of both treasures and prey.

Personality Traits:
Stubborn, Overconfident, Unyielding

Thrills, Challenges, THE VOID

Being hunted

Physically powerful, Stubborn to a fault

Has several permanent curses on them, Stubborn to a fault

Chaotic Evil