L-186: Nevermora Inkwell < Battleworn Librarian, Child of Grimoires, Vessel of Divinity and Destruction >
Owned By: twistedlunatic
Designed By: himehorse
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Bookwyrm (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Child of Grimoires
Special TypeNull

Special Traits:

Glitch Inheritance: All Guardian Stygian created from this one may inherit the Glitch trait. This takes up a rare slot for inheritance.

Bookend Tail (LIMIT 3) : Any EXISTING Stygian OR NEW GUARDIAN Stygian (Guardians must be blessed by this Stygian) can inherit the Bookend Tail at no additional cost. This mutates the END TAIL TUFT of the Bookwyrm or Primordial Bookwyrm only tail (that cannot be modified otherwise)  into a bookend. Bookend should be ribbon-like in texture and shape, and can have a small decorative charm at the END. Bookend must resemble a long rectangular bookend and be flat-ish, with any shape of tapering at end. Bookend cannot exceed 50% of the tail size. The countdown affects both for example: you could use one for an existing Stygian, and one for a Guardian blessing, that would be 2 of the 3 limit. Please when using make sure the person who is using your blessing if not a Guardian jar has a screenshot of your permission to use this trait during redeems.

Corrupted Nightmare Tree Raid (IC ONLY): As this Stygian's origin is the Corrupted Nightmare Tree raid, technically a part of it lives within that raid/ Dream-Online. It can always return its consciousness to its origins: though even if it is not there, the raid continues to function with a projected version of them. However, returning to the raid with their full consciousness after their freedom may lead to disastrous consequences, and unexpected dialogue and behaviour that is no longer quite scripted. 

Unlimited Knowledge (IC only): At 50% of the boss's health, the Stygian releases its ultimate attack, Unlimited Knowledge. The book finally opens, as all party members are absorbed into the book. There, they remain trapped in one of the Stygian's many whimsical writings until the fight their way out of the written mobs back out of the book.     


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[This Stygian cannot be seperated from its Fragment (Treat Companion). If rehomed, it must always be as a pair.]

ABOUT L-186: Nevermora Inkwell
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Character Sheet:

Nevermora Inkwell

Nightmare of:
Paranormal Horrors. This Stygian is created from nightmares involving the intense, primal fear of the unknown, the untouchable, and the unseen. They are given strength by a dread of powerful magic and otherwordly forces, malevolent spirits, and demonic possession.

Battleworn Librarian, Child of Grimoires, Vessel of Divinity and Destruction

They/Them, He/Him (Black Form), She/Her (White Form)