L-289: Oni
Owned By: Naggeela
Designed By: OnionGrump
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Feline (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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Rarity: Legendary
Branch: Child of Rage
Special Type: Elder
Special Traits:
★ [ Primordial Inheritance ]: All Guardian Stygian created from this one may inherit the Primordial trait if a Legendary Trait slot is rolled. 
★ [ Feline Underbelly Scales (LIMIT 5) ]:  Adds for [ feline adjacent-type ] Stygian large plated scales to the underbelly of select subspecies (see below). Plates can only be under torso from beginning of forearms to end of forelegs (where the belly is). Plating cannot extend past belly area - see legendary Stygian above for general plating size and shape. Any EXISTING Stygian OR NEW GUARDIAN Stygian (Guardians must be blessed by this Stygian) can inherit  Feline Underbelly Scales  at no additional cost. The countdown affects both for example: you could use one for an existing Stygian, and one for a Guardian blessing, that would be 2 of the 3 limit. Please when using make sure the person who is using your blessing has a screenshot of your permission to use this trait during redeems.
  • Cannot be layered with elemental
  • Can be used on these subspecies: Regular(non-primo), Carnivorous (all), Feline (all), Behemoth 
  • Cannot be supersized or [ ++ ]ed
  • Can be affected by elemental/exposed aether/shedding/corrupted

★ [ Nightmare Tesseract (LIMIT 1)] Gives [ 1 new alt form of itself ] @ this Child of Rage the event [ Nightmare T?ss?r?ct ] trait. This trait however cannot be inherited or passed on to other Stygian. Must be solid black cube w/ one outline colour. Two cube faces are your pick @ same design on that face, the others are the eye marking given. Can be slightly glitchy, rotated, and markings can glow. See diagram for max and min sizing. Does NOT take up a trait slot as its an event related/special trait

★ [ True Form - Demonic Feline (IC ONLY) ]: Its actual form is a cursed were-beast, forever mired in contaminated aether (see mythical avatar form for appearance). This is an IC thing @ true form, and cannot be passed down. In the Nightmare Realm, its true form is incomplete and incomprehensible, and thus will often take a Stygian or Human avatar form for others to properly gaze upon it.



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